To date, we are responsible for over 50 marriages and well over 300 couples who are now in long term relationships. It’s a tricky number to keep track of, but it’s a great feeling knowing we’ve successfully matched so many people already. We only take on clients who we can guarantee introductions for, and we will turn away people if we do not have the right people to introduce them to. We stand by our name when it comes to introducing good, single people. We check in after first dates, and have a 90% success rate for first time meetings. This means that 90% of feedback after a first date is positive. There may be no match there, but the client has agreed with who we have introduced them to. Our clients stand by our matching excellence.
We’ve enjoyed helping more than 6000 people meet other good singles since we started in 2003. At any one time, we have approximately 600 active clients on the books.
We believe in quality over quantity, so this is not a date a week agency. When we meet up with you, we will explain the frequency you can expect, based on what you are looking for. It is usually around one introduction every 3-4 weeks.
Our clients are aged between 25 to late 70’s with the majority being between 25-50. The 55+ age group is a problem area for us, with more women approaching the agency than men. This means we have to limit the number of women who we can take on in the 55+ age group to match the number of men. We do this case by case and still meet with everyone who is interested in learning more about how we work.
We are NZ’s most selective dating agency, and only take on clients we know we can match. We’re the only agency to catch up with you for feedback after every first date. We’re the only agency to offer a refund policy. (See contract for details) We meet at a cafe close to you, so you don’t need to take two hours off work. The meeting usually takes 45-60 minutes. We believe in quality. We are not a date-a-week style agency. We meet with every single client who wishes to join and check photo I.D. No exceptions. We do not match by computer - it is all done by hand, instinct, common sense and years of experience.
For the most part our clients are well travelled, educated and own their home. Don’t worry, none of these qualities are pre-requisites. Our clients are eligible, have established lives and are happy in work, life and play but are simply not getting the opportunity to meet other good singles. That’s where we come in. We have hundreds of singles on our books who have researched us and engaged our service because they genuinely want to meet someone to spend their future with.
Two’s Company owner, Sasha Madarasz, previously ran NZ’s busiest talent agency, creating opportunities for people on TV and in Film & Modelling work. This paved the way for Two’s Company, after seven years of matching people to briefs. Passionate about starting her own business, Sasha’s partner suggested she start a dating agency. She loved the idea. 'I researched what people loved about the current agencies, what they hated and opened Two’s Company using those answers.' And so, Two’s Company was born.
Putting a figure on it isn’t easy. No one can predict chemistry, so as long as you are happy with the calibre and quality of the people we are introducing you to, then we can keep going until you meet “the one”. We introduce you to people who fit as much of your initial brief as possible, then after a few dates we might finesse your profile, or you may have found a great match. If you have not met “the one” after your first four introductions, we can organise three more introductions for a small fee.
Absolutely! There’s no time limit on your membership and its fine for you to go ‘on hold’ for any reason, at any time. Take the example of the first person we introduce you to; you may have a two year relationship, and if that comes to a close, we’ll re-activate your profile for another three matches. If your employer decides to send you to Asia for six months, easy – we’ll just put your profile on hold. The joining fee is a one time payment and entitles you to four introductions, no time limit.
We like to say 1-2 weeks from the day you sign up. We get to know you, and want your matches to be as accurate and enjoyable for you as possible. Remember, it’s quality – not quantity. We’d rather give it a couple more weeks than introduce you to someone who does not match your brief, and vice versa.
Yes, in fact we’re the only agency in New Zealand who follow up after every first date. These check ins are to make sure you’re happy with who we are choosing to introduce you to. We do give advice, but at the same time we can’t pass on feedback without the other person’s permission. Generally we enjoy very positive feedback.
You can make an appointment any time you like. We meet at a cafe and chat over coffee. This is where we learn a little about you, and the kind of person you’re looking for. We want to make sure we pair you with someone who’s at the same stage of life as you, someone who shares common interests. At the end of the conversation, we will be able to tell you if we think we have the right people to introduce you to. You can then walk away and make your own decision in your own time.

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.