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We check in with our clients after three months of being together and again after six months. This is what our clients are saying about us.

Morning Sasha,

Apologies, this has been a very long time coming but I’m finally sending you a quick update on progress.

Thanks to your careful and inspired match-making, B.C and I have stayed together and have gone from strength to strength since our first chat in August 2012. I wanted to personally thank you for setting us up. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have moved in together a year later, or got engaged on our trip to Vanuatu in August last year, and we wouldn’t have been married in Russell in October last year. We took a leaf out of your book and quietly eloped to the beautiful Bay of Islands, only our very close family knew. We had such an incredibly happy weekend full of love and blessings.

This is truly a very happy ending for both of us thanks to you and Two’s Company.

All the best,

B.C & D.C

I hope you're well. I was looking through my emails today and came across W.K profile. I thought I should write to tell you I'm still enjoying his company immensely. I haven't known him long, but things are going well and we get along great. I am so happy to have met him. Thank you once again for the introduction.

G.S - Introduced April 2016

Hi Sasha Having a great time with W.C! Thank you so much! Will keep you in the loop.

V.L - Introduced April 2016

Cheers and thanks very much for all your help. I met some really nice people and your service has been A-1

O.H -

Just to let you know that T.T and I are extremely happy

J.S - Introduced May 2016

Second date this weekend with V.V !!! oh my god you guys are amazing, she is perfect, thx again.

L.D - Introduced May 2016

Hi Sasha

What a pleasant surprise it was to meet A.J today. I had no idea what she was going to look like and her personality was just as you described. We do seem to have a lot in common and are both extremely family orientated. Yes an intriguing personality and very attractive looking too.

Well done a great choice.

G.J - Introduced April 2016

I thought I would send you a quick note to say hello :)

It is wonderful getting to know N.E, thanks for introducing us - she is just such a gem.

P.I - Introduced April 2016

Hi Sasha,

It was great! He's really lovely, had lots to chat about, it was very easy. I think the feeling was mutual, we're going to meet up again on Saturday so we'll see.

Even if it doesn't go anywhere it gives me hope and it was a much better result than Tinder!!

Thanks heaps, will keep you posted.

And later . . .

Hi Sasha,

Things with D.C are going well thanks. Have seen each other a good few times.

So far so good :-) Money well spent!

L.K - Introduced March 2016

From her . . .

Sorry for the delay. Things are still going great with J.V

Thank you so much for asking

From him . . .

Hi Sasha,

Things with W.B are going exceptionally well thanks.

W.B & J.V - Introduced February 2016

From her . . .

Hi Sasha

Thanks for your email & follow up.

All going well with W.S, still seeing him on regular basis.

From him . . .

Hi Sasha

Thanks for the follow up

Yes S.R and I are still dating.You were right she is a lovely lady.

S.R & W.S - Introduced February 2016

I have been enjoying getting to know C.B over the past few months. We spent a few days over Christmas / New Year together and we have spent time together most weekends since. He is a lovely person and I am really pleased that you put me in contact with him. Will keep you posted with how things are going. Thank you so much for working with me and being patient as I fine-tuned what I was looking for.

A.A - Introduced October 2015

I would say things are going very well with S.M. We have met up few more times. We seem to have a lot in common and are quite similar in a number of ways – almost as if we had be matched up ….

C.S - Introduced October 2015

From him . . .

Hi Sasha

Thanks for the follow up.

Yes I am still seeing A.M….very nice match thank you.

From her . . .

Hi Sasha,

Thanks for your message. I am blissfully happy with W.S ! I cannot believe my lucky stars - I am soooooo grateful to you that you introduced us.

Kind regards and huge thanks,

A.M & W.S - Introduced August 2015

I thought I'd give you another update. Soon it will be 5 years since R.M and I meet.
Since then we have gotten engaged, had two babies (a little girl and boy ) and we currently building a house. It been a very busy 5 years with the years getting busier!

F.L - See earlier testimonial

He mentioned something about you encouraging him to organise a second date. I don't think he was interested after the first one but he was after the second so it goes to show how important that second date is.

B.G - Introduced August 2015

Things are fantastic thanks... I think we're both very happy, I will have to thank you for introducing us…

H.M - Introduced August 2105

Pretty good! Been seeing a fair bit of each other. Is all going well I think :)
She’s pretty awesome.

F.F - Introduced July 2015

Dear Sasha, Thank you for your contact..
You will recall introducing me to A.L which believe it or not has reached over 5 and a half years.
We are both very happy and have shared numerous trips around New Zealand and to many overseas destinations.
We are entirely grateful to you for setting up our delightful relationship.

N.N - Emailed us June 2015 for an update.

From her . . .
Yes, things still ticking along with E.R!..we're enjoying each other's company so will see how it goes!

From him . . .
Yes we seem to be quite relaxed together at this stage…. very encouraging for sure!😃

C.J & E.R - Introduced May 2015

Going well thanks Sasha. We've just been away on holiday together and very happy!
Thanks for checking in and for the introduction.

E.S - Introduced May 2015

Thanks for checking in.
I have some exciting news to share actually. You introduced me to J.I nearly a year ago now and we are living together very happily and have just got engaged.
You did an excellent job matching the two of us - we are a perfect fit! I'm looking forward to a lifetime of love and laughter with her. Thank you very much for putting us in touch, my world is immeasurably brighter with her by my side!

A.R - Introduced June 2014 (As at May 2015)

Not sure if you are aware but E.S and I got married last year and we have since had a little baby boy who is now 3 months old!

H.S and E.S - Introduced September 2013 (As at May 2015)

Nice to hear from you,hope you are well and busy.
A.S and I doing nicely thanks. She moved in to my place about 3 weeks ago

A.S and G.A - Introduced - September 2012 (As at May 2015)

As it happens, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, with H.L who was the last introduction you made for me (and the first you made for her). So well done you!

M.N & H.L - Introduced September 2012 (As at May 2015)

Yes L.D and I have spent our birthdays together, new year and now enjoying summer. Will keep you posted.

C.L - November 2014

I feel very lucky to have found someone like him. Thank you so much for introducing us. You match very well. He's got all of the qualities I look for in a partner so far and I know it's still early days but now I could actually see a future with him. I could never meet someone like him if it wasnt through you. The funny thing is we have very similar taste in food, places to go out to, tv programmes and style. It makes everything so much easier and a lot more enjoyable

U.R - Introduced October 2014

Things are going really well with J.V. We're still dating and I'm really enjoying getting to know him. I'm quietly optimistic - he's a great guy.

A.L - Introduced September 2014

From her . . .
Thank you for your correspondence. At this point in time it seems to be going very well! It is developing into an exciting relationship that we are pursuing. Of course its early days so we must keep in touch!


From him . . .
Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. F.C and I are progressing nicely and I really want to thank you for connecting us.

C.B - Introduced August 2014

Yes thanks the relationship is going really well. We have just got back from Sydney and heading off to Melbourne next week. We spent Christmas and New Years together as well!

P.T - Introduced August 2014

All good! She’s out there somewhere.
This has been an enjoyable process so far, glad I signed up.

F.F - signed August 2014

Thank you all is going well. Had a wonderful Weekend . M.T and myself managed to spend lots of time together . He is such a lovely caring & interesting person. I am excited to tell you our friendship is growing from strength to strength . Thank you lady's for your great work

W.T - Introduced July 2014

I had a wonderful Christmas / Holiday with M.T. Lots been happening & yes all is going well . He is a very sincere honest & wonderful person. We spend every weekend together & having lots of fun. I truly can say our relationship has grown from strength to strength. We are both madly in LOVE!!! And I see a great future together.

W.U - Introduced July 2014

Just to let you know that H.P and I are doing really well. We are engaged and we are getting married in September. Thank you so much for matching us. He is perfect for me. He is exactly what I need in a man!
Thank you so much

H.J & H.P - Introduced April 2013 - See earlier testimonial further below

D.N and I have been talking for hours (and hours). The date on Saturday went very well. We seem get on very well and have decided to keep seeing each other. This was very unexpected for us both. So good news.
Please can you put my profile on hold.

F.J & D.N - Introduced July 2014

From him . . .
J.I is a lot of fun and things are going really well with us. We're seeing a lot of each other and I'm sure that will continue! It's not often that people are funny, smart and beautiful all in one package so I'm feeling very blessed to have come across her! Thank you for your help!

From her . . .
Things are going very well with A.R thank you. He is an amazing guy and we've been spending heaps of time together.

A.R & J.I - Introduced June 2014

Hi Sasha, thank you so much for introducing me to L.D. He is perfect

M.W - Introduced March 2014

Hi Sasha, met up with E.R over the weekend (twice). Lovely man and meeting up with him later in the week for dinner. From my perspective, you have matched well :~)

H.C - Introduced February 2014

See earlier testimonial further down page:

Probably don't remember us anymore. Just to thank you again. It is our 2nd year anniversary today since we met through you and after all the ups and downs and adaptions we are still very happy. We both still have the will to make this last forever and weather the storms together.

Thanks again from M.S & K.J - Introduced March 2012

See earlier testimonial further down page:

Hi Sasha, It's been awhile since I have given you an update on R.M and myself. Good news, we are expecting our first baby in July!

F.L - Introduced October 2010

See earlier testimonial further down page:

H.J and I are coming up for our 1st Anniversary on the 11th December - I remember waiting nervously underneath the Christmas tree at the Langham. Thank you for changing our lives, truly, you're an amazing lady.

L.N - December 2012

See earlier testimonial further down page:

Just to let you know that M.N and I are finally engaged!! He popped the question last week on our holiday. Thanks so much for doing an excellent job with matching us up. My life has changed for the better since we have met.

H.L - September 2012

Not sure I feel the chemistry he does but my goal here is to find someone who thinks I'm amazing, and treats me like they lucky to have me - not the other way around so I would say yes and give him chance. . . .
Overall I can see the benefit of your service in that neither of us would have considered or come into contact with each on our own. Where knowing you'd done your part and considered us prospects made us both more comfortable and lead to an enjoyable lunch.

S.D - November 2013

First of all I would like say thanks because I discovered an angel. Not a day goes past without a chat. I look at my future with more optimism.

R.D and I are well thanks, in fact we are engaged. I met an Angel.

S.L - Introduced October 2013

In this introduction you are 100% spot on! We are meeting again on Sunday, so will let you know how we are progressing next week.
I am hopeful …

M.C - October 2013

Well it took a while but you finally hit the jackpot Sasha! You have introduced me to the kindest, gentlest man I have ever met. It has been 3 months now and things are going really well. We are off on a romantic holiday overseas next month and we are hardly apart in the weekends. I would never have met him without your help Sasha. Thank you so much. It is still early days but I believe I have found someone to share the rest of my life with.

C.B - Introduced September 2013

Hi Sasha, still going out with B.C. All going well.

W.C - Introduced August 2013

C.R is amazing! We are going very well and are looking forward to spending a lovely Christmas together with our two little boys. Thankfully they get on just as well as we do!
I honestly didn't think it was possible to find someone as well suited for me as she is so I cannot thank you enough for bringing us together! Have a wonderful holiday season and a spectacular new year! Keep up the great work, I'll be recommending you to all the single people I know! :-)

And later . . .

As a wee thank you and to keep the spirit of Christmas giving alive C.R and I have made a donation to the Auckland Cancer Society on your behalf. We are so very grateful for what you have done for us and we cannot thank you enough! :-) Enjoy your break!

C.R & A.R - Introduced August 2013

Greatly appreciate your matching skills – we had so much to talk about, and spent a lovely evening at Soul bar and restaurant. Looking forward to seeing him again at the end of next week.

W.F - Introduced August 2013

Met up with W.C on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. He's lovely!!!! You've hit the nail on the head with that one!!!

B.C - Introduced August 2013

From her:

Things are indeed going well with I.J. The relationship is progressing . . . very slowly, it must be said, but he really is a super-special guy so even though patience is not normally my strong suit, I’m pretty sure he’s worth it, or at least as sure as anyone can be without having a crystal ball! Will keep you posted anyway.


From him:

Good to hear from you. Things are going great with B.C.Have been introduced to her parents and will be spending Christmas Day with them. All going very, very well.

I.J - Introduced July 2013

From him:
Things are going very very well with B.C and I. We talk on the phone every day and see each other on the weekends. She is a really lovely lady and I’m very happy that you gave me the opportunity to meet her. The more we get to know each other, we realise that we have both had a lot of hurt in our lives, but that means we can understand how the other feels. Things look like there going in the right direction and we will see where it takes us.

I.J - Introduced July 2013

From her:
Just letting you know had a great second date with I.J yesterday. . . six hours worth in fact, and managed to cover a lot of ground. Suffice to say there seems to be a really good connection there which we're both very keen to pursue. . . . or to put it this way, this is the guy I always wanted to meet but never thought actually existed. Obviously it’s still very early days so I’m trying to be a little bit cautious about it, but the signs are looking pretty good so far. Anyway, so thanks so much again for the introduction and will definitely keep you posted. There is no way I would ever have met this guy if it wasn't for your agency - our paths just would never have crossed.

B.C - Introduced July 2013

From her:
The date went well! We have a lot in common and have met up again on the weekend and had heaps of fun. He is in the US for the week but we plan to meet up again on his return! Many thanks

C.R - Introudced July 2013

From him:
I had the most wonderful day with C.R today! She is an amazing lady and the more I talk to her the more smitten I am! I'm off to the US tomorrow but we are seeing each other again when I get back and I am very much looking forward to it. Well done, I am in awe of your matchmaking abilities right now!

A.R - Introduced July 2013

We seem to get along pretty well :) Its kinda cute actually - there's never any mention about the next 'date' - yet it just seems like a given that there will be one. So, early days, but so far enjoying things and hope that he's feeling the same way. Regardless of where this may lead, thank you for connecting me with G.T, he's very gentlemanly and you've done a top-rate job matching us up. Thank you!

M.G - Introduced July 2013

G.E and I now have a little daughter. She is 6 weeks tomorrow and has changed our world forever.

S.P & G.E - Introduced 2010 - see testimonial further below.

Where do you find these amazing women . . . ? Elizabeth and I had a great night out . . . She is gorgeous and super talented . . . Thank you.

Feedback from a happy client.

Thanks for checking in. All is going really well with J.R. Thank you for introducing us.

C.E - Introduced May 2013

We write to you from the distracted bliss of a deep love coma to let you know that you have two fewer clients to worry about. Thanks for the introduction and we'll keep you posted on any further developments. Off to Waiheke now for the weekend.

M.K - Introduced April 2013

Things seem to be going well with H.P thank you. We have been spending a lot of time together and get on really well. I had a look on my list I used when I spoke to you, and he has managed to tick most of my boxes. He is probably the kindest, most thoughtful, sweetest man I have ever met.

H.J - Introduce April 2013

It's all going well. He's a lovely man.

J.L - Introduced March 2013

From her:
Thank you Sasha for introducing me to an amazing person who I look forward to spending time with. Thank you for your time and effort. I found you to be very friendly and professional.
From him:
Thanks for the email and follow up. H.T and I are ticking along nicely at the moment. Once again you introduced me to a lovely kind hearted person. Thanks.

H.T & W.S - Introduced March 2013

Everything is going really, really well thanks Sasha. Very happy. M.R and I are going from strength to strength. And I believe you had to talk him into going on a date with me so thank you for that!

W.T - Introduced January 2013

Yes, we're still together and everything is going exceptionally well. Been out lots on his jetski, he's met my little man and they have really bonded well together.
He's such a kind and caring person and we have lots of fun together. Here's hoping we can go the mile and last a lifetime. I would really love that!
We have both said that we would have paid double the price for your services considering how we both feel right now, possibly that's something you need to consider!! :-)

L.N - Introduced December 2012

Life is pretty wonderful at the moment. Coming up to the 5 month mark now for the both us and I can honestly say we are so happy. We have been away together 3 times taking advantage of this great weather. I didin't think I could feel this happy ever again! We laugh so much when we're together. Hopefully in the near future I will be heading down south to be with my Mr Right. Sasha you're a legend in what you do, can't thank you enough for putting us together!

L.N - Introduced December 2012

Yes things are going well with C.G. We are seeing each other regularly and so far enjoying being together.

V.C - Introduced December 2012

Thank you. Great evening and a lovely girl. Thanks for making my world a better place the last couple of months. You have a good Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

H.J - Introduced December 2012

Yes things are going well with C.G. We are seeing each other regularly and so far enjoying being together.:-)

C.C - Introduced September 2012

First Feedback . . .
Things are going well. You were right when you said that I needed you. I haven’t had so much fun in ages!! Thanks for encouraging me to see M.N again after the first date. He really is a true gentlemen and we have lots of things in common in our personal life.
As I have been single for long time I am being a little cautious so I will see how things evolve and learn not to be so independent!!
Have to say though it is great to finally met a guy who I can just be me with.

Second feedback . . .
He is just perfect and I’m working hard to get a ring on my finger as he certainly is a fantastic catch!

H.L - Introduced September 2012

From her:
Things continue to go well with G.A. We have had a lot of fun together over the summer.

From him:
Yeah going well. Having fun. Life's good

A.S & G.A - Introduced September 2012

Just thought you might like to know things are working out very well with B.C. We are off to the islands together next week for a holiday. He's so worth the effort. Thanks for the introduction.

D.R - Introduced August 2012

Lovely to hear from you. Yes we are both very happy, fingers crossed for wedding bells in the not too distant future.

D.R - Introduced August 2012

Life is just great with B.J, he is a truly lovely man and we get on extremely well and have a lot of fun together. Thank you again for the introduction.


All is going very well with W.T thank you, she is just perfect.

B.J - Introduced August 2012

First feedback . . .
An update - M.N and I are getting along very well. A lot in common after all! Seems your instincts are correct! Having a fourth date tomorrow. He is a very intersting person as you said and a really nice guy. Very refreshing!
I'm very pleased you kept urging me to meet him! Good job Sasha!
I'm also pleased I was proactive in moving my life forward. Thank you!

Second feedback . . .
Yes,we are getting on very well! We've been on several road trips around Auckland, went to the akl art gallery, to a movie, dinner but the best times are just chatting about anything and everything! M.N is a very genuine guy and I like him very much - and my cats just love him!
So, again thanks for urging me to meet him!

B.C - Introduced August 2012

Thanks for the follow up. It has been a great month getting to know T.J. A very special person with a big heart and lots of "youth and life" .....(along with heaps of other neat qualities)...exactly what I was looking for so well done, you hit the nail on the head. Keep up the good work.

W.S - Introduced July 2012

Hi Sasha Things are great, we are madly in love and having a great time. Thanks so much for introducing us!

M.C - Introduced June 2012

I organized another date with him and we have been out a few more times since. I'm enjoying getting to know him. Thanks for the great job in introducing us! You nailed funny, smart, entrepreneurial spirit, down to earth and retarded in the kitchen - perfect!

J.A - Introduced June 2012

S.W and I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy together. We have bought a house and are getting married at the end of summer. Thanks for introducing us to each other.

M.J - Introduced May 2012

Life is extremely fabulous, though very busy. We are in the process of organising our wedding for beginning of April and also organising rennovations for our house - we take possession of it this week. Think we have it mostly under control though. I am so glad to have met her. Its only been 8 months but my "Pre-her" era already feels like years ago. Thanks for introducing us.

S.W - Introduced May 2012

After two years seperation I realised I was ready to meet another special someone. Being a private person the thought of putting my face on a public dating site was not at all appealing. I happened to read an ariticle in a magazine about Two's Company just on a year ago and thought that sounds tasteful. Like minded people matched by someone who has actually met me and all her clients to potentially make a match.
It certainly wasn't easy for me to pluck up the courage to meet date number 1. Anyway I had a very nice time but knew this gentleman was not for me. What I did get from the date was the realisation that I could meet a total stranger, engage in conversation for a couple of hours over a meal and enjoy myself. Wow, I can do this again.
Introduction number 3… Our second date arranged completely by Mr X was so good and ticked so many boxes......we have been going out for several months now and it just keeps getting better. Sasha could not have matched us any better......I am looking forward to the many days, evenings and weekends in front of us...thank you Sasha for being patient with me. Good things do take time.

P.C - Introduced April 2012

Really impressed with the professionalism that you exhibit and turn around tine for questions and answers. Am promoting this with people I know.


Hi Sasha - All is going really well with K.J and I, just thought you might like to know :) Many thanks for the intro, he was worth the wait! Just to let you know that things between S.M and I are going brilliant. She is definitely worth all the wait and effort. The future looks bright. Thanks for all the good work you do. If it wasn’t for you, we would never have met. You sure have good judgement.

M.S & K.J – Introduced March 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that things are going really well between L.D and I. Can't say for sure whether it will last but I have a really good feeling about her so BIG THANKS!

M.O – Introduced March 2012

Things are fine with A.B and me. We continue to see each other. All is well at present!

R.P – Introduced February 2012

I have passed your number onto a number of my friends; they have noticed my happiness and asked why? D.J and I am two months today! Thank you for being there.

G.D – Introduced January 2012

Hi Sasha, hope this finds you well. Things are going really well with B.R. Just enjoyed a thoroughly good weekend together. Thanks and best wishes

W.R – Introduced January 2012

Hi Sasha, all going well with D.P. We have kicked off to a great start which is wonderful. So far so good. I’m so pleased I stepped outside my idea of who I thought I was looking for, pays to keep an open mind.

N.V – Introduced December 2011

From him

J.R moved into my house last week, all going well.

From her

It is all going very, very well, I am extremely happy. I have been worried about letting you know, I didn't want to jinx it. Many thanks for this introduction, it has made a great difference to my life. I have found someone I can talk to, laugh with and love. You have found me a very special man. (also he can cook, does housework and his own ironing .... all things I never thought to ask for ... hehehe ... don't tell him that I told you).

J.R & H.G – Introduced November 2011

Sasha, just a quick note to say that all is going well with J.R & I, in fact we are getting married mid 2013.

H.G - Introduced November 2011

All is very well. You were right to advise that I give meeting B.D a go and "not say no to what could possibly be a great intro” (your words almost four months ago). It has proven to be just that and more. A good introduction and I must say good chemistry too - so it seems to have worked on both fronts, and all this after just ONE/MY FIRST introduction!! We are in a committed relationship and enjoying it!

E.N – Introduced October 2011 – see her testimonial earlier further down

Yes, well and very happy. Not sure if I told you but S.L & I are engaged so very exciting times planning our wedding, which will hopefully be this May.

D.J – Introduced May 2011 – see earlier testimonial further down.

From him . . .

In June of 2010, Sasha from Twos Company introduced me to H.R. We made a connection on the first date and started dating. Sasha’s service is professional and discrete. HR was only the second match that Sasha introduced me to. The first lady was a good match, we had a fun relationship for five months, and we are now still friends. It doesn’t take long for Sasha to match men and women up with someone who is compatible and you have many things in common with and similar goals for the future. Sasha’s interviews are in depth and thorough, so don’t think about lying about your age - she will catch you out.

From her . . .

In June of 2010, Sasha from Twos Company introduced me to F.J. While we live a fair distance apart and come from totally different backgrounds (farmer & finance), our relationship grew over the months. I initially decided to use Sasha’s service because being a professional, I wasn’t happy putting myself out there on the internet. I wanted a discrete service, and the fact that Sasha interviews you personally and is selective in who she “takes on”, gave me confidence in her and her service. I highly recommend using Sasha from Twos Company to help you find that special someone, especially if you are not the type of person to go searching on the internet, or don’t enjoy going to pubs and clubs for that. Thank you Sasha – you provide a great service!

Quick update for you - Y.P moved in last October and we're loving being together in one space. And now, to top it off we're pregnant! Exciting times for us both if slightly scary, so far removed from our previous confirmed bachelor/ette status that it's a bit of a spinner...in a positive way! We're both thrilled and happy - and all thanks to you hooking us up! We have so much in common every day is just great, and co-habitation is fabulous - no going back now! So, you sorted us out for sure - thanks for a great match!

H.C – Introduced March 2010 – see earlier testimonial further down.

Hard to believe that just three weeks ago I was not dating and now I am enjoying the company of someone that I connect with quite well. Let's see where this goes, no doubt it is still very early days.

E.N - Introduced October 2011

Hi Sasha, He is delightful and we are extremely well suited!!!! Thanks for asking, it's been nearly 5 months but feels like we've been together forever.

B.S - Introduced July 2011

Hi Sasha! Just letting you know that T and I got engaged last week. We did think of you! We have bought some land and are about to start building a new family home. Hope you are well. Thought you would like to know. Thanks so much.

Y.C & T - Introduced April 2010 - see their previous testimonial further below.

Hi Sasha - We seem to be well matched!
I am enjoying seeing her.

S.C - Introduced March 2011

I thought having had 3 young children that it would be hard to find a great guy but Sasha proved me wrong! For the last couple months I have been going out with a funny and very attractive guy. I am having a lot of fun and I am very happy. Thanks Sasha, Twos company is definitely something I would recommend to others".

L.H – Introduced June 2011

Lovely to hear from you. First, I wanted to thank you for the ease at which you navigated our initial meeting. It felt like meeting a good friend and soul mate in what is very un-familiar territory for me. Your warmth, professionalism, and kindness were much appreciated. You are a very lovely human being.

E.J – Joined May 2011

Hi Sasha, I'm well overdue giving you a big thank you for introducing us! After being happily single for almost 10 years I had prepared myself for a long process of nervous meetings, awkward moments & false starts. The first date with D.H was the complete opposite, though I was still convinced it can't be this easy. But every day we have been together is more lovely & amazing. She really is that special, unique person I was looking for. Exciting time at the moment as today we've just taken on a fabulous family home to rent together. Then next week leaving for 6 days in Fiji only to start moving in to our new house the day after we return! Thanks so much!

S.L – Introduced May 2011

Hi Sasha,
Yes things are going well. Been seeing her for quite a while now.
A really nice girl. So fingers crossed.

D.P – Introduced April 2011

Having done a bit of research prior to joining, Sasha completely put my mind at ease with her approach and a professionalism that can't be taken for granted. Through the insightful questions and process I've met a lovely man who I'm enjoying getting to know. Two's company is truly a premium service, embracing quality over quantity.

E.M – Introduced January 2011

I first joined Two’s Company approximately 2 years ago. Sasha made the whole process simple and easy.
My reason for joining was to meet that special someone of course.
Right from the start I took off those rose tinted glasses and looked at the whole picture practically, I found it possible to date without drama.
For me I didn't see the introductions as dates, more like meeting new friends. You can’t find out about someone on just one 2 or even 3 dates it pays to hang in there, and find out more.
I am now happily 8 months into a lovely relationship thanks to Sasha for the introductions. Thx.

R.J – Introduced December 2010

Great news Sasha, we have finally booked our wedding day! A beautiful March wedding it will be. Who knew this time last year, having both been single for such a long time, that all we needed was YOU to bring us together. Currently today there are so many ways of meeting people, but your system added the personal touch. It’s more reassuring to meet someone on a blind date, knowing that you had met them first.

We could not be better suited. You listened to what we dreamt of and made your match. We appreciate that it was only the second/third date for us too, so it wasn’t a long and drawn out process. We both knew from our first dinner that this was something special - we will always be so grateful.

R & K – Introduced November 2010

Hi Sasha
I thought I'd give you another update. I've recently moved in with R.M. Everything is going really well :-)
Thanks again for introducing us.

F.L – Introduced October 2010

Yes, I am very happy. As I think you may have already heard, L.D and I are engaged and getting married in September this year. I sometimes can't believe how lucky I was to have met her. Thank you for touching base and, of course, thank you for the introduction - I can't imagine my life without her.

S.P – Introduced June 2010

Yes I'm well, H.C and I are still together, about to head off on our 2nd annual ski trip, so time has moved along. For me personally your process worked well as I have limited time to spend making connections and what you offer pairs people up that have a reasonable degree of alignment in the first instance in terms of backgrounds and interests. All up to the individuals from there though.

Y.P – Introduced March 2010

I read about Twos Company in the Parnell Darling and gave Sasha a call.
I met with her... She was very professional and positive so I decided to sign up with her. I was most impressed with how the communication process was handled and subsequent meetings with suitable dates arranged. The follow up was prompt and when not suitable the next profile was sent quite quickly.
I have been seeing the third person I met for the past 18 months and having lots of fun.
Sasha keeps in touch regularly... She runs a very professional business and I would recommend her company to other discerning single people without hesitation.

A.L – Introduced January 2010

I met with Sasha one day for an easy and relaxed introduction to Two's Company and how it works. I was initially sent a few profiles, but nothing really jumped out at me as I was rather fussy on certain criteria. Then I was sent one which I thought was definitely worth investigating. We met in December 2009 after a phone call or two, engaged in October 2010 and married in April 2011. Worked out pretty well really! Thanks Sasha, whilst I only met one person through your company, he was obviously the right one. Money well spent.

G.E - Introduced December 2009

You will be amused to learn that F.L and I will have been getting around together for 3 years this July, and have been living together nearly 2 years. Our intro way back was a bit rocky - we met up twice then she had other priorities. But that was only for a month or so, then she made contact again and we have been glue ever since. She is a beautiful lady and I do thank 2s Co for connecting us.

P.V – Introduced July 2008

Thought you would like to know that M.R asked me to marry him a week ago. This took me totally by surprise, as I thought he'd be quite happy to just live with me - seems not, as he wants me definitely to marry him. I've said yes, and we are both absolutely so happy.

From her . . . .

Just thought I'd let you know things are going really lovely with M.R and I. We spend alternate weekends at each other's home and I've met all his family and neighbours, and he's about to meet some of my family, having already met one of my neighbours. He's such a lovely guy who shows and says how he feels - something I've always wanted in a man. We're both really indebted to you for "matching us up" as otherwise we'd never have met and had such fun and enjoyment.

Hi Sasha - If I could I would forward you email I received this morning from M.R but it's very personal and made me cry with happiness. It says it all for both of us - I just don't know how to thank you enough - both our lives have changed so much thanks to you. Oh wow,

From him . . .

I would like to say a big thank you for the intro, I never thought in a million years that I would be this happy again and I am so convinced that this is a relationship that will only get better once again thanks from a guy who is on cloud nine. M.R

P.V & M.R - Introduced May 2010

R.M and I are going really well. We've seen each other at least once a week since we met. We really get along and he is a fantastic guy (even my friends think so) Thank you for introducing us :-)

F.L - Introduced October 2010

Many thanks for 'doing the hard yards' Sasha - this particular beast isn't easy! You've introduced me to a super lady and sure it's early days but we are having lots of fun together. You present yourself in a most professional manner and I've appreciated your passion in seeing things through with integrity.

E.R - Introduced July 2010

Hi Sasha - As you would have already seen from B.A's email, things are going really well.

Awhile ago you sent me an email to be patient and get a feel for his sense of humour and honour. I'm really glad you gave me that advice as it's turned into something really nice. Watch this space I guess :-)

T.W - Introduced July 2010

I think that you have provided a wonderful service and I have learnt so much about myself from the 3 men whom you introduced me to - they were all really good guys. I will very happily recommend you to any of my friends and thank you for acting with such openness and integrity.


Yes we are happy thanks, enjoying lots of interests, living together and we are engaged.

S.K - Introduced October 2009

Hi Sasha, all is going great with H.S, I've now moved in with him and we are working through the normal changes that go with two adults merging two households! A few challenges (lol, to be expected), but fun none the less :) To answer your question, am I happy - yes - H.S is a great (and tolerant) guy and we are a great match.


From her . . . .

TW is divine. I feel very happy and extremely lucky! By date #4 I had fallen 'hook, line and sinker'. He's just amazing and my kids think so too! Thanks so much!

From him . . . .

Fantastically well !! Seeing heaps of each other, kids have all met up - all good !!! (we had a wee toast to you one night at dinner !!) Thanks heaps for matching us up (took a while eh !!)

Y.C & T. - Introduced April 2010

Just letting you know that I have just had an enjoyable long lunch with P.G. He phoned me last evening to arrange. He suggested second date next week so I will wait to hear from him. He is an easy going man, honest and open, young at heart and fun. Exactly as you said and I did feel really comfortable and at ease with him. Thanks for the introduction and it has restored my faith in well mannered men.

I think that you provide a wonderful service and I have learnt so much about myself from the 3 men whom you introduced me to – they were all really good guys. I will very happily recommend you to any of my friends and thank you for acting with such openness and integrity

D.L - Introduced March 2010

Hi Sasha,

Just to let you know that we are getting married in April!. All very exciting and big thanks to you - we are very happy and I'm not sure our paths would have crossed if we hadn't had you involved!

Guess I am a 'success story' - in terms of only 1 date organised and here I am 2 and a half years later going to marry him!!

N.P - Introduced September 2007 Married April 2010.

Nice to hear from you.

Things are going very well with H.G!

We have quite a lot in common and have been having a lot of fun! I told him about your email & he said I should tell you that he is 'the light of my life'!! Yeah - he hasn't lost his charm or modesty! He's a gorgeous addition to my life!

S.C - Introduced July 2009

Well, it was our one year anniversary and L.G whisked me away for a 'mystery' weekend - and off to Wellington we went on the Overlander train early Saturday morning, arriving 7pm just in time to watch the All Blacks play the French - oh well......never mind....... Sunday morning was a gorgeous day - not a breath of wind so after breakfast we took a ride up the Cable Car and as we walked around the Botanical Gardens we found a great wee spot for a sit and take in the view - and then, there it was - the great proposal - "would you like to marry me?"

"Yes" was the answer.

M.J - Introduced September 2007

Thanks Sasha..... V.K and I are very happy. We are getting married in Sept! Two's Company certainly worked for us.

Thanks Sasha for introducing me to my husband to be! Our relationship didn't start out with a big bang, sparks flying, but after our first date I thought..... here's a fun guy who is easy to talk to, not a bad place to start! If nothing else I could see myself being friends with this person. I'm so glad I went on date 2!! That's possibly the best piece of advice I could give somebody just starting out with Two's Company. Sometimes good things just need a bit of time. If I hadn't gone on a second date I might have missed the most important relationship of my life.

H.S - Introduced April 2008 - married September 2009

Went out to dinner with X last night. I was on my best behaviour and was hoping things were going well when he said something about there being no spark. This was disappointing but strangely liberating! It seemed that, if there was no future for us, I might as well drop the best behaviour and just be myself. For the rest of the night I settled into just enjoying his company. We had a great laugh and at the end of it he said he wanted to see me again! So, your advice about thinking of the first date as meeting a cousin and having no expectations is good advice. I only wish I'd taken it earlier!

Thanks again...

R.M - 2009

I have been meaning for a while to write to you to say how impressed I have been with your professionalism. I have met two very pleasant men through you and hopefully, X will be the third.

At the same time as I joined Twos company, I joined ____ It cost me a lot of money and has been a rip off. I met only one man and he was decidedly strange! I asked for my money back, but it was refused.

In comparison, your business and professionalism are out-standing.

With thanks T.K - Joined Feb 2009

Let me give you my link to my webpage again. You'll see photos of E.G as well as photos of her and her son. I met him, met her folks, and we are Soooooo on cloud nr 9..

She's my future and I'm her's...she's the best most perfect beautiful partner for me, she's everything... We are telling everyone we met via a mutual friend, we tend to be a bit shy about your dating business, so you are our mutual friend from now on.

All good, all perfect. V.B - Introduced September 2009

Hi Sasha, Well, what can I say about F.C?.... I'm not actually going to say too much.... We have just spent a wonderful weekend together... You are an incredible lady, matched us perfectly, and we have the chemistry....

Watch this space....

Hi Sasha, Just thought we would give you a "progress" update!!!


F.C comment to you is: "Yes, this man is madly in love" H.M comment: "One of us, will be changing addresses, in the imminent future"

Merry Christmas

Love F.C & H.M - Introduced November 2009

Hi Sasha, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the best Xmas present that any one has for such a long time. She is a very special lady and whilst I know you won't say I told you so...you were right."

R.D - Introduced November 2009

Sasha's note - R.D originally turned down her profile, but I persisted and told him I was not going to introduce him to anyone else till he met her!

Hi S

Well we are getting married in April. You certainly picked me a winner there so MANY THANKS!!!!

S.G - Introduced September 2007

Hi Sasha,

I gather S.G been quicker than me at getting back to you - can't believe its been over 2 years already and as he's already said we are getting married in April! All very exciting and big thanks to you - we are very happy and I'm not sure our paths would have crossed if we hadn't had you involved! Guess I am a 'success story' - in terms of only 1 date organised and here I am 2 and a half years later going to marry him!!

N.P - Introduced September 2007

Things are still going fab with H.S and we are growing stronger all the time. We get on really well and have a super time together - he's an awesome guy (such a sweetie) and I'm so surprised he was single!!

He's met most of my family and has the 'seal of approval' and we are heading away for a holiday together over Easter, which I can't wait for. Thanks again for the intro - am very pleased I pushed myself outside my comfort zone!

E.S- Introduced November 2009

Things are going well thanks Sasha, we've hit it off pretty well and had a blast the last couple of months. We're off on holiday together over Easter which will be a blast! E.S is a great match and we seem to be very much on the same page!

H.S - Introduced November 2009

Well she is lying here next to me in a Hotel room here in Seattle.

I moved in with her about 9 months ago after spending a fantastic 3 weeks with her travelling around Europe! She is just amazing having a fantastic time with here, her kids treat me as their dad. We talk extensively about you and how we found each other. We went back to the same restaurant for our 1 year anniversary last November. Another great night. Couldn't be happier.

So I thank you for introducing us

I hope other couples your have introduced are as happy as we are!

W.C - Introduced November 2008

Thanks so much for asking. We are incredibly happy and have made the big move in together (actually he sort of moved in by stealth) as I was a bit cautious, but all seems to be going really well. A huge thing to meet someone special as you get older, one gets fussier, the ratio of lovely to not so lovely men changes, and all our lives get more complex, but you did a fantastic job introducing us. We would likely never have crossed paths otherwise, and our lives are happier and richer for it.

R.M - introduced November 2008

We have been living together since for 6 months . He moved in with me. He is a wonderful man and I love him dearly. We are both very happy.

B.W - introduced September 2008

"Hi Sasha, Thanks for meeting with me today. It was really helpful.
I had previously contacted two other dating agencies and they evidently didn't think I was even worth responding to. So I really appreciate your time and friendliness!"

L.J - This woman was doing a story on dating agencies.

"Hi Sasha, you are so on the right track with ____!!! She is absolutely gorgeous, smart, sexy and interesting company. Had a really special evening with ___ last night. She is an amazing lady and I think she might be 'the one' for me. Your service has been fantastic for me and worth every penny.

Three of the 4 introductions were spot on, more than meeting my expectations! I hope others give you a go, because from my perspective you certainly know how to match people."

J.W - Introduced January 2009

"OMG didn't you do well, she is just amazing we have hit it off so well it's not funny. Spent the whole day together yesterday and not once did either of us not enjoy every moment, and that was only the 3rd date.

We clicked within 2 mins of meeting, both of us haven't stopped thinking about each other since that first meeting. I'm cooking dinner at her place tomorrow night and going to her work do on sat with her kids! Going fast but feels so natural, she has even spent two of those dates with my ex- hows that for an amazing women! And all that since Sunday night four days ago. Feel like I've known her for so long.

We both decided that neither of us would have meet each other with you so thanks so much for introducing her to me!"

W.C - Introduced November 2008

"You are fabulous Sasha. Many, many thanks, I would never have met ___ and would have missed out on being with this fantastic guy. You are clearly pretty impressive at your job."

R.M - Introduced to the above guy November 2008!

And then later sent . . .

"A joint email as we are on a cruise ship in the Bahamas together as I write, and we are very much in love, making long term plans. We can't thank you enough!"

R.M & W.C

"I wish to thank you for using your magic skills in choosing someone who was really charming and interesting to have dinner with.  I cannot recall when I enjoyed myself so much.  I do have to admit however that I was going to turn down a second date with ___ despite having such a nice time.  When I told my friend this she explained to me that in the last 4 years I have been absolutely hopeless at choosing suitable men to date and that it was about time I let the expert - that's you by the way - do their job and make the choice for me. 

I have to say I am very happy I have taken her advice and let you work your magic.  I don't know where this new friendship will lead but at least it has started off on a promising footing.  So thank you Sasha for helping me."

Sasha's notes - When my female client read his profile she phoned me to tell me she did not want to meet him. I persuade her to. The rest is history!

K.D - Introduced October 2008

"I have been seeing _____ daily since last Thursday and have a clear feeling that she is the one.
It's pretty much as you expected - your intuition was right.
I really don't want to meet anybody else, as nobody could equal _____. At least, I want to get to know her better."

I.D - Introduced October 2008

"Hi Sasha, I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for introducing me to ____. He is really lovely and we are getting on very well. Thanks you sooo much!!!! Cheers and all the best."

J.C - Introduced September 2008

"Things have changed somewhat with ___ and myself. We have really clicked. In fact the relationship has turned into love and I couldn't be happier. So I thank you for the contact. Never thought that I could feel love again but it has happened so will keep you posted."

And when I asked her if I could use it for a testimonial she replied . . .

"Yes you can do that. I have never felt so happy in a long time and I now have a purpose in life. I guess a renewed spirit. Funny how it doesn't matter how old you are, inside there is still that need of belonging and being loved. Great Huhh!

Can't thank you enough. I sing your praises often."

B.W - Introduced September 2008

"Hi Sasha, I just wanted to touch base to say how rapt I am with my first introduction, he is such a neat guy and I really, really enjoy his company.
He met my best friend and some of her family on Saturday night, and it hasn't seemed to have put him off, which is great.

I am hoping that it keeps going the way it is as to be honest I like him more each time we are together - which is a bit scary really, but fantastic at the same time."

D.M - Introduced July 2008

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say a very grateful and sincere "THANK YOU" for introducing me to _____ - what a completely gorgeous man :-)
We are still very happily dating and are heading off to Q'town skiing later this week."

M.J - Introduced June 2008

"Things are going well with HS and I. It's been just over 4 months now, and we're going away for a long weekend for the first time this weekend, so that's a good sign too I think!

Thanks for putting us in touch. I really appreciated your efforts over the last year or so with me. I think you're doing a great job and providing a much needed service."

V.K - Introduced April 2008

"I first heard of 'Two's Company' by a friend who was excitedly telling me about an upcoming date.  This friend is very successful, fun, sexy - the complete package, so I was very surprised to learn that he had enlisted the help of Two's Company to introduce him to like minded people.  It was just the prompt I needed.   Working long days and often weekends didn't leave much time for socialising and meeting new people so I emailed Sasha.

To cut a long story short, and after a number of dates, Sasha introduced me to the most wonderful man I have ever met.  We are now happily living together and planning a very exciting future.

My advice to anyone interested in joining Two's Company, be open to possibilities, just when you least expect it, you may just met the 'one'.
Good luck!"

W.E - Introduced June 2007

"Sasha introduced us about 3.5 years ago. We had a long chat on the phone before we met up, which was great; we had our date and it wasn't "love at first sight", but after the second and third date, we got to know each other and discovered more things we had in common and started to enjoy each others company more and more.

It is now 3.5 years later, we are getting married and expecting our first baby! I am in the people business as well and know how difficult it is to get the right "match". Thank-you again Sasha - you have been fabulous!!"

L.H - Introduced September 2005


"Sasha sent me R.D's profile which I accepted. We went out on our 1st date which lasted 5 hours. I phoned Sasha and told her we had a great time but physically not really me, so I asked Sasha to put me back on the hit list and send me another profile. Sasha actually refused to put me back on the hit list until I had a second date with R.D. I was very hesitant but figured I had nothing to loose. Well 4 months later we are still going out, how wrong was I! I don't know what the future holds but its pretty good right now!"

E.M - Introduced September 2007

"Hi Sasha. I recently met a lovely man through a friend. I first met him for coffee one evening. I was really unsure of our suitability after this first date, but remembered your advice to always have a second date. I did and have never looked back. We have been together 3 months now and are pretty much inseparable. So please take me off your books, and thanks your efforts for me. All the best for your business."

A.C - Emailed me Jan 2008

'Here's my score card report!  Just met with ___ for a coffee, would be happy to go meet with him again.  Found him easy-going and easy to talk to"

M.C - Introduced September 2006

Thank you very much for introducing me to R.G. The two of us are still together and are doing very well. We have been discussing some long term plans together but no decisions made just yet."

R.D - Introduced  June 2006

Sasha makes meeting people so easy. The great thing is you get to meet like minded people that you would not normally meet because we are all so busy in our own circles. I was introduced to KJ over a year ago and we are now off to together!!!

S.J - Introduced November 2006

"I would like to thank Sasha for our introduction five months ago. We have a developed a lovely relationship and this ideal matching by Sasha is obviously a reflection of the professional manner in which ones attributes and aspirations were considered. You did a great job - thank you Sasha"

KW & JM 2005

"Things are going really well with me and S. He is a lovely guy and we get on so well. Thank you once again for all your efforts; you have been great!"


"I just wanted to different, and unlikely to last too long, but it was Sept 2005 when you first introduced us and it still all works very well! I still pass your name on to people. Just this very weekend even."

L.J - Introduced September 2005

Nice to hear from you !!! Yes H.M and I are still seeing each other and are very happy at the moment. Thank you for your interest.


"Sasha, thank you so much for introducing S.A and I back in July 2005! We are very happy. I do give lots of people your company name, as many people ask me how I met such a lovely man. I have no hesitation in telling them what a great and very professional service you offer. Its fantastic heading off to meet someone that you know is going to be reasonably 'normal' and on a similar wavelength, due to the vetting you do."

H.M - Introduced July 2005

"You may remember me H.T you introduced me to H.M about 2 years ago, well I was just recommending you to yet another person, and realised I probably hadn't even told you we got married in January this year! Anyway, hope business is going well and people are continuing to spread the gospel!"

H.M - Introduced November 2004 - Married January 2006

"Many thanks, Sasha for your professional approach to a modern phenomenon . . . how to meet suitable partners in the busy times we live in. I've been happily in a relationship with ___ since you introduced us six months ago. We both agree we would have been unlikely to have met any other way - by chance or through mutual friends (as we haven't discovered that we have any yet!). You listened carefully and saw the possibilities . . . thank you!"


"We have been together now for 6 x months, can you believe it, and are having a lot of fun together. This only goes to prove that Two's Company works!"

H.T 2005 - Introduced November 2005

"KW and JM would take the time to thank you for the excellent service that you gave us. I was amazed that the second person that you chose would turn out to be such a perfect match. You obviously listened and understood what we were after."

S.B - Introduced September 2005

"Hi Sasha, After having dealings with many agencies I found your approach professional and different, as I was only introduced to women who had similar interests and background to myself. On the third introduction I met this lovely lady from Waikato with whom I will probably spend the rest of my days(and nights )if she can put up with my funny ways of which there are many according to BC."


"Hi Sasha. I too was very impressed with your professionalism. When we met for our interview I was very nervous having never done anything like this before.You were honest very encouraging and made it seem so easy.About a week later you contacted me. RA duly rang me and we met for lunch. You contacted me as arranged to follow up and make sure I was happy and we have been seeing each other every weekend.He is a lovely man and things are wonderful."

B.C - Introduced May 2005

"I thought I would just drop you a quick line to thank you for introducing me to C____. He is lovely and a very sweet guy. We've been seeing lots of each other the past couple of weeks and it's going well. Time will tell, but he is definitely a neat guy! Thanks! I will be recommending you to my friends."

L.H - Introduced July 2005

"It is certainly worth putting aside time for a coffee with Sasha. Away she went and after a little while she suggested I met N. From a first meeting, to a couple of dinners and movies and we have not looked back. I read the web site when I was thinking of joining, and wondered are these people real? Well yes we are, take a first step, nothing to lose and a lot to gain."

Must go now, we have a weekend away to plan..........A.S - Introduced June 2005

"The more I see him the more I like him!"

D.L - Introduced May 2005

"As a first off experience, never having done this kind of thing before, it was the best I could have hoped for."


"Thought I would send you an update and let you know that things with ______ are going FANTASTIC, hello I am still not opening the car door - such a gentleman. "

"Even though it has been only coming up 3 months I have basically moved in with him and we are talking (all things going well) of selling our houses in January and buying together. Have had a lot of friends ask about you and have referred them to you. Thought you would like to hear this good news."

E.C - Introduced April 2005

"My take on your service offer is that it met my expectations .I was looking for a focused , but professional one on one introduction to women based upon criteria from someone other than myself .The initial meeting with Two`s Company was very relaxed and spontaneous with some searching questions that culminated in a very truthful and precise profile of myself. My expectations on an outcome were managed well and was recontacted within the agreed time frame with a profile of a woman that was happy to have her details forwarded to me. She sounded great and I was subsequently given contact details .I have met a very special person and we have continued to enjoy each others company for the past 6 weeks . Both of us were subsequently contacted as agreed earlier to check if either of us wished to continue with further introductions.All in all , a very comfortable but exciting experience."


"Thanks Sasha for introducing me to the loveliest man I've ever met, who makes me very happy, and I have no doubt will be in my life for a very long time. I will continue to recommend you to my friends, in the hope they too will 'strike it lucky' by using your expertise and instinct. Kind regards."

H.T - Introduced November 2004 - Married January 2006 Go to top for their next quote!

"Your approach to communicating with clients like me is in huge contrast to the previous agency I was with - where I could hardly ever get to even speak to the woman! You are streets ahead!! Thanks for your energy and professionalism in getting back to me, which I really acknowledge - so refreshing, and certainly helps the whole process."


"Sasha encouraged me to meet with the person she had introduced me to a couple more times before making up my mind, as I had reservations over a few issues. After the third meeting and a lot more talking, our relationship built to a level of trust, respect and acceptance given freely with consideration and honesty. So please, take heed of Sasha's advice, as in a very emotional environment it is easy to move on too quickly."

F.M. - Introduced January 2004

"The date with ____ went really well (thank you so much for introducing me to a NORMAL man!!)"


"Sasha, you got it bang on with the second introduction. The last agency I joined introduced me to 20 women and none of them were even close to what I was looking for. You're good!"

L.J - Introduced February 2004

"After a sad divorce I moved to NZ 3 years ago - I love it here, so much to do, the people, the scenery - but meeting people on a social level has been hard as I work all day and run courses every night. After hearing about Two's Company I thought I would give it a go to speed up the chances of meeting someone. Two's Company offers 3 introductions - but I only got to the first one - we have been together for 3 months now! Sasha (from Two's Company) was only interested in introducing me to someone who she thought I would really get on well with - and she did - I wish I had joined sooner!"


"I decided to give Sasha at Two's Company a ring because up until now I had focused on my career and sporting aspirations and I realised that a key part of my life had been neglected. I tried the pubbing-clubbing thing... hmmm, over it! And while my friends were helpful they weren't that discerning. Sasha, however, has listened to what I value and am interested in, this means that I am more likely to meet someone with whom I am compatible."

N.D - Introduced November 2003

"Having been separated for several years, getting back into the dating game is a bit daunting and finding like-minded people seems impossible. After reading about Two's Company in the NBR, I arranged a meeting with Sasha. She fully understands where I am at in my life and career and assures me I will only be meeting compatible people."


"One year, following a change in my family circumstances, I wanted to meet people outside of my former social and professional networks and feel free to explore new friendships. Two's Company provides a safe, discrete and supportive process for meeting interesting, intelligent people. Sasha's energy and vitality inspired me to do more than work - it's time to play again!"


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