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Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Single People - since 2003

What is our success rate?

The answer to this question is two fold. Firstly we have at this stage (2014) about 33 marriages that we know of and about 160 couples that are still in relationships who we have introduced. Again, this is only what we know of, we suspect the number to be higher for both cases. Secondly we only take on clients who we know we have people to introduce them to. We turn away people who we don't have the right matches for. What we guarantee once we have said we can take you on, is that we can give you the opportunity to meet good single people. We cannot guarantee chemistry or attraction. We are the only agency to do follow up after every first date. If you can say to us on the follow up "nice person, I can see why you introduced us" then that is counted as a success as that's all we can promise. So going on that formula our success rate is in the 90%'s.

How many people are on the books?

Since we started in 2003 we have now signed up over 4000 people - however at any one time we have approximately 600 clients on the books.

How often are the introductions?

We are not a date a week agency - The agent will tell you at the sign up how frequent the introductions should be.

Is your client base approximately 50/50 male and female?

We start at 27 and our oldest clients are early 70's. The 30 - 50 age group is where we are the busiest, the most balanced and therefore have the most success. Our problem area is the 55+ age group as we have more women approach the agency than we do men. Therefore we turn away a lot if women in the 55+ age group - purely so we can keep a balance of men and women. It breaks my heart but it has to be done to be fair to those already on the books. However we still meet with everyone who wishes to join and let them know if we have the right people to introduce them to at the end of the meeting.

What are our points of difference?

  1 - We are the most selective dating agency in NZ, and we will only take you on as a client if we have the right people to introduce you to.

2 - We are the only agency to do follow-ups after every first date.

3 - We are the only agency to offer a refund policy.

4 - We meet at a cafe close to where you work so you don't need to take two hours off work for travel, parking and the meeting. The meeting itself is usually 45-60 minutes.

5 - We are not a date a week agency - The agent will tell you at the sign up how frequent the introductions should be.

6 - We meet with every single client who wishes to join and check photo I.D

7 - The matching is not computer generated - it is all done by hand.

Who are our clients?

For the most part our clients are educated, have lived overseas and own their home. This is not a pre-requisite - that is just a look at who chooses to join the agency. Our clients have established lives and are happy in work, life and play but are simply not getting the opportunity to meet other singles. We give them that opportunity. We have hundreds of single people on our books who have researched us, met with us and paid us because they genuinely want to meet someone to spend their future with.

How did you get in to this?

Sasha previously ran NZ's busiest talent agency, putting people on TV, film, & photographic work. It was full on work and matching people to a brief. She did this for six years before deciding she wanted her own business. It was her partner at the time that suggested opening a dating agency at which she thought, "That's a great idea. I researched what people loved about the current agencies, what they hated and opened Two's Company using those answers."

What percentage of your clients need more than the first 4 introductions before meeting someone they wish to pursue a relationship with?

Giving a percentage is hard. As long as the clients are happy with the quality of people they are being introduced to they will keep meeting people until they have met the one. Two's Company introduces you to people that fit the brief we talk about at our first initial meeting (more on that later.) Then after a few dates of getting to know each other, if there is chemistry between the two people, great! If not, then we will look at the next introduction. I don't think anyone can foresee chemistry - it's up to the two people involved, so, trial and error. If you have not met 'the one' in the first 4 introductions - you can choose to have 3 more introductions at $150. Obviously you would only do this if you were happy with the standard of the first 4 people we introduced you to. Our job is to give people the opportunity to meet other single people who are looking for the same things. The rest is up to them.

Over what period of time can you use the introductions?

There is no time limit at all for the clients and they can put their membership on hold at any time. For example, if the first person we introduced you to, you had a two year relationship with, but that ended, then you would come back on the books. If work decided to send you to South America for six months - just put us on hold! You have no time limit what so ever. You never pay the joining fee again. The contract states that Two's Company has 12 months to fulfill its obligation of 4 introductions, however, Two's Company gives the client as long as they like to take all 4 Introductions. There is no yearly fee - no renewal fee - you never pay the joining fee again.

Before meeting (potential partners) are photos exchanged?

No photos are exchanged.

How long is the average time before the first introduction?

We ask for about 1 - 2 weeks from initial sign up. You have only 4 introductions at this stage and we want them to be as spot on as possible. This is definitely a quality not quantity service. We would rather give it a couple more weeks than introduce you to someone who does not match your brief and vice versa.

If the introduction does not result in a relationship, is there a follow up so you know why and will be able to "fine tune" the selection process?

We are the only Agency in NZ who do follow ups after every first date. These are to make sure you are happy with who we are choosing to introduce you to. We do give advice, however at the same time we can not pass on any feedback with out the other persons permission. The general feedback we get is, "Nice person, not sure, but we are going to have another date".

How long would it take from first making the decision to sign up with Two's Company to actually meeting with a Dating Agent to begin the process?

You can make an appointment any time you like. We come to you and meet in a cafe close to where you work or live and chat over a coffee. This is where we discuss your 'brief'. We talk about you, what stage of life you are at, what you want out the future and obviously what you want out of a partner. At the end of that conversation we can tell you if we have the right people to introduce you to and you can then walk away and make your own decision in your own time.

Two's Company Dating Agency is Auckland's most selective dating service, dedicated to personalised matchmaking and introduction services for professional singles since 2003.

Phone: 0800 021 522     |     Mobile 021 522 922     |     Email: [email protected]

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