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April 2004 - Betterliving.co.nz Article

I was asked to write an article on first dates and like a good journalist went about researching the topic... I asked a group of friends and Two's Company clients for their advice on what not to do on your first date.

The responses were edifying!

Here are some of the responses...

On your first date it is not a good idea to...

  • wait behind the bus stop to check your date out while they walk into the restaurant looking for you
  • get hideously drunk and tell them you want to have their babies
  • talk to all your friends on your cell phone
  • talk badly about your friends and family and how you're the only nice person you know
  • be rude to the waiting staff
  • flirt with the waiting staff
  • turn up wearing jandals or a fleece
  • talk about your short comings - let them find out for themselves
  • go on about your babies - which are of course your pets
  • take them back to your house so that your babies can give them the thumbs up or down
  • tell your life story, however exciting it may be to you
  • correct them, doesn't that remind you of your mother?
  • eat messy food like spaghetti or soup
  • talk about what your physic told you and what their involvement is in your future
  • ask them what star sign they are and then get up and leave saying a water sign could not possibly have anything in common with a fire sign whose moon is in Neptune
  • eat garlic, breathe garlic
  • cough and splutter and tell them the wine they chose is hideous and you wouldn't even use it as a paint thinner
  • ask them why he chose that shirt and then say oh... no reason
  • tell them that this was you and your ex's favourite restaurant
  • tell them they shouldn't order fries as they are, you know, too fattening

      No wonder people are looking for some one to screen prospective dates and weed out the 'unusual individuals' for them; it can be pretty interesting out there to say the least!

      Author, Sasha Madarasz from Two's Company Ltd - Introducing Single People

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